Steven Beaumont

Experimental Musician

About Me

I am a musician from Quebec , I play Guitar & Bass , I currently use only these 2 instruments ,
I've used virtual synthesizers in my beginnings. 
Metzger Dark Ambient is my experimental music project , I use guitar effects pedals to create
synthesizer sounds with Guitars & Basses. I use multiple amps at the same time to achieve really
huge wide soundscapes. 
I record everything myself at Studios Sonum in Quebec city, I record with microphones & other sources into a mixing console.I also do Mixing & Mastering myself.
I make improvisation videos to showcase new sounds I've created also to showcase new gear and the new possibilities of soundscapes I can achieve. My primary goal is however to make music , under the form of demo songs , EPs , albums,etc. 
I release most of my music on my Bandcamp, most of the digital downloads will be for Name Your Price (Free or Donation), I've released music on compilations and on Netlabels for free as well.
Starting in 2016 I've launched my Record Label ; Paracelsian Productions, through which I will sell all my physical releases mostly on Cassette and CD formats. I want to stay as an independant musician, recording by myself and mastering my music by myself. I will probably release splits and compilations with other people on my label. I will be doing mastering for all the releases on Paracelsian Productions.